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Head and Shoulder Mounts, European Mounts, Reproduction (Replica) Fish For Sale:

Head and Shoulders Mount with 16 Point, 211 Inch Gross Scoring Antlers

Here is a brand new mount that was just completed.  This white-tailed deer shoulder mount is a real eye catcher.  The reproduction 16 point rack is a mainframe 12 pointer with three kicker points for character.  The antlers are absolutely huge scoring about 211 gross and 205 net.  With a width of over 20 inches and tines over 15 inches in length, the beautiful rack is wide, tall and symmetrical.  The mass is absolutely incredible on this thick racked specimen.  The detail and quality of the mount are extremely high grade on this piece with very lifelike appearance indeed.  An extra large, long haired, Northern Michigan cape was used on this mount, which really accents the rack nicely.  Additional photos are available upon request for serious buyers. 

$990 (plus shipping and crating if applicable)  
15 point 209 inch score reproduction




Head and Shoulders Mount with 15 Point, 200 Inch Scoring Antlers

This beautiful reproduction 15 pointer has it all: Matching drop tines, split brow tines, exceptional mass, super long points and gorgeous color.  This brand new mount is as flawless as they come.  The exceptional rack is symmetrical, wide, tall and massive.  The antlers have an incredibly massive appearance and the mass is carried all the way down the long main beams.  The tall rack has extremely long tines with the longest being 12 inches.  The rack is spread well too being over 20 inches wide.  The rack yields about a whopping 200 inch, non-typical, Boone and Crockett score.  To put the size of this rack into perspective, very few racks have ever been taken this large in Michigan or elsewhere.  Created to near competition quality specs, this mount has the ultimate in lifelike detail.  A large, flawless Northern Michigan cape complements the rack beautifully.  The cape is especially valuable and gorgeous because it was taken from an early season buck during the beginning of October.  The increased value comes from the shorter hair, which allows the facial detail and musculature on the mount to really show through.  You can even see the veining in the facial areas.  The detail really jumps out at you.  The pose is upright and faces straight ahead.  The alert pose with the ears in the forward position looks pretty cool and really goes well with the wide, thick, tall rack.  The jaw dropping mount really needs to be seen to be appreciated.  It was just completed and is available for immediate purchase.  Additional photos are available upon request for serious buyers.   

$950 (plus shipping and crating if applicable)  
15 point 200 Inch Reproduction with Drop Tines and Split Brow Tines


Two pound, 14 1/2 inch reproduction (replica) Yellow Perch for sale.  This beautiful perch is mounted in a C-curve pose and both sides of the fish's head are finished to very lifelike realism.  A very tough, automotive clear coal was used for the ultimate in luster and durability.  Even the inside of the mouth is completely finished.  The fish is mounted on a nice piece of Great Lakes driftwood, which really displays the piece with class.      

$250 - plus shipping (and packaging) if necessary

14 pound, 34 inch reproduction (replica) walleye mount for sale.  This handsome walleye is mounted in a S-curve pose and both sides of the fish's head are finished

$400 - plus shipping (and packaging)

14 pound, 34 inch, reproduction (replica) walleye     

42 pound, 42  1/2 inch reproduction (replica) chinook (king) salmon mount for sale.  This is a male (buck) king salmon mounted in an S-Curve pose with both sides of the fish finished.  

$500 - plus shipping (and packaging)

42 Pound 42 1/2 Inch King Salmon Replicaa

13 pound, 33 inch, pedestal mount, reproduction (replica) walleye for sale.  Both sides of the fish are completely finished and it is mounted on a cool looking driftwood base.

$500 - plus shipping (and packaging)

13 pound, 33 inch, pedistal mount, reproduction (replica) walleye

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